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How Uniforms Boost Team Morale and Your Company's Image

Cook and waitress in uniform Company uniforms offer a host of benefits, including boosting morale and profits.

As a customer, staff uniforms are one of the first things you notice when you walk into a restaurant or a store. For customers, uniforms are incredibly practical: If you can't find the aisle for sliced almonds or you need directions to the ladies' room, you know who to ask. But uniforms actually have more far-reaching benefits on the other side of the till, because when a customer steps into those khakis or buttons that black dress shirt, they're stepping into your company.


1. Uniforms communicate your company's values and personality

The restaurant uniforms in the cafe at the Calgary Zoo can obviously communicate a different message than the medical scrubs worn by the surgery equipment sanitation team at Red Deer Regional Hospital. A uniform can say a thousand words about an organization, so it's your chance to tell your customers and the general public who you are, and, more importantly, what your values are.

For example, at a swank luxury hotel, uniforms are probably going to be crisp, clean and modern. Probably even suits. That look communicates trust and professionalism. At a dog wash, you can use bright colours and a cheerful logo to express a more fun-loving, hard-working attitude.


2. Attractive uniforms help staff feel confident and that impacts sales

When your team members walk out onto the floor looking good, they—you guessed it—they feel good. By building their self-esteem, attractive workwear help give staff the confidence they need to approach a customer in the bulk paper aisle or ask a few more questions at the till. When those two things happen, it generally leads to a cycle of better relationships and sales, because that one customer had a great service experience they're going to come back to enjoy again, and they're going to tell their friends about it, who turn up for that same experience and become loyal customers too.


3. Uniforms create a sense of team and loyalty to your company

Speaking of loyalty, nothing brings people together and gives them that team feeling like wearing uniforms. Remember that feeling when you walked out onto the basketball court in your darks in high school? Managers and employees alike experience a sense of connectedness when they slip on that dress shirt or overalls and stand on the floor, side by side, with their peers.

What does that mean for you, the business owner? It means your team is going to bring a "Let's do this!" attitude to the floor, and that's going to translate to productivity and profitability. Not a bad return for outfitting your team in some snazzy cotton blends.

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