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Our Cloth Shop Rags Wipe the Floor with the Competition

Mechanic wiping dipstick with shop rag

Cloth shop rags offer an environmentally friendly and convenient way of staying clean and tidy, no matter how dirty the job.

If your work involves copious amounts of grease, oil, dirt and other grime, having a handy supply of shop rags can make whatever job you’re tackling go a little more smoothly. From cleaning gunk and other crusty goop off automotive parts to wiping your hands clean to get a better grip when you’re hand-tightening an oil filter, it can be indispensable to have a couple of spare rags in the pocket of your coveralls.

While many automotive shops, oil and gas plants and other industrial facilities use the so-called heavy-duty disposable wipes, more companies are turning to a shop rag program like the one offered by JET for the following reasons:


We’ve all seen those TV commercials for kitchen paper towels where Brand X claims to clean up more and last a billion times longer than Brand Y in a head-to-head test.

Well, cotton shop rags absolutely destroy their disposable paper counterparts in the industrial arena. To put it succinctly, wood pulp simply cannot match the strength and durability of cotton fibre. Cloth rags do not rip or fall apart, retaining their integrity even when wet. The same can’t be said for paper products.

Environmentally Friendly

Once a disposable paper wiper has been used and abused, in the garbage can it goes. If you’re careful, you might be able to make one last longer than a few wipes of a dipstick, but then again, if you’re charging competitive shop rates you shouldn’t be dillydallying with such matters.

With JET’s shop rag program, you can keep a clean environmental conscience (and a fresh supply of shop rags) knowing the rags you thrown in the bin will be washed, cleaned and pressed back into action.


By handling the drop-off and pickup of clean and dirty shop rags, the JET program frees you and your employees up to get down to the business of fixing cars, repairing tires, maintaining mill sites, repairing heavy-duty industrial machinery or whatever else it is you do to satisfy your customers’ needs and draw a paycheque.

Without the proper equipment, cleaning greasy cloth rags, while commendable, can be a drain on manpower.


Depending on your work schedule, the number of employees in your shop and the volume of cloth rags they go through, it is straightforward to set up a pickup/drop-off program that’ll meet your needs.

If you run a smaller shop, it might be easiest to simply call when you’re getting to the bottom of your 45-gallon drum of rags. If you are going through rags more regularly, a standing order will keep you well-stocked and take one more thing off your to-do list.


Got grease and nowhere to wipe it? Contact a JET representative to learn about their environmentally friendly program for cloth shop rags.