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Why Add Linen Roll Towel to Your List of Janitorial Supplies?

Linen roll towel dispenser janitorial supplies

Linen roll towel dispensers are a great alternative to paper dispensers due to the fabric's absorbent qualities, durability and reusability.

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you visit a public bathroom is to find no paper towel to dry your hands with after you wash them. By having JET Uniform & Supply install linen roll towel dispensers and handle the upkeep of this and other janitorial supplies, you’ll never run out of cloth again.

Here are several other reasons why JET’s linen roll towel is a great alternative to paper towel in your commercial, industrial or office bathrooms:



Once you sign on with JET’s linen roll towel program, the rest is taken care of. A representative will monitor your dispensers’ current stock level with every delivery, ensuring you and your customers never suffer the inconvenience of having to run to the store to pick up a roll of paper towel in an emergency. Both your customers and employees will thank you for it.


Super Absorbent

Linen feels so much nicer when drying and wiping your hands as compared to paper towel. It readily absorbs moisture and is rugged enough to provide a thorough wiping of the hands. With paper towel, you sometimes need multiple sheets in order to adequately dry your hands, which means they aren’t exactly environmentally friendly janitorial supplies. With linen, one pull is usually all it takes.



Comparing the strength of linen to paper towel is like comparing Mike Tyson to Alan from the hit comedy The Hangover. They’re not even in the same ballpark in terms of robustness. It would take some serious effort to tear the fabric in a linen roll dispenser. On the other hand, paper towel tears easily when dry, and it only performs worse once it gets damp.


Saves Your Plumbing

Whether it happens by accident or on purpose, flushing paper towels down the toilet is a big no-no. It can lead to clogs and some nasty backflows, which in turn can lead to hefty plumbing bills. A wall-mounted linen roll towel dispenser prevents this from happening because spent towel is rolled back up and out of the way. This also prevents garbage cans from rapidly filling up with used paper towels.


Environmentally Friendly

Linen roll towel is reusable, whereas paper towel requires the continual harvesting of trees, making linen the more environmentally sound option. You also tend to require less linen to perform adequate drying of the hands as compared to paper janitorial supplies.

To better understand JET’s dedication to its janitorial services, check out this post: Not All Janitorial Supplies Are Created Equal.


Searching for a better alternative to paper towel? Contact JET Uniform & Supply to learn about their linen roll towel dispensers and other janitorial supplies.