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Why Industrial Uniforms Make Sense for Businesses and Their Employees

Construction and Professional Occupations in Uniform

JET Uniform & Supply has got your workforce covered with its industrial uniforms sales and rental service.

Whether you operate a small-scale delivery service with a few vehicles and a handful of employees, or a nationwide chain with an enormous fleet and workforce to match, the benefits of having them dress in industrial uniforms are undeniable. No matter whose perspective you look at it from—the employer's or employee's—it will have a positive impact on how you operate. Here are a few examples:


From an Employer's Perspective

Walking billboard: Every time one of your employees is seen doing his or her job in public, it's like free advertising to your company. Industrial uniforms featuring the company logo and colours are an opportunity to reinforce your brand image.

Stand out in the crowd: If your employees aren't wearing a uniform when they're out in public, they'll hardly be noticed. Unless they're performing undercover work, that's not a good thing. Well-designed uniforms will help them attract the right kind of attention and present themselves in a professional manner.

Air of authority: Your clients might question whether your employees actually represent your company if they're wearing regular clothes, especially if they're conducting business away from your office (ie. delivery drivers, maintenance crews etc). Industrial uniforms overcome this by giving employees an air of authority.

Employee unity: Even for small businesses, a company uniform can instill an element of cohesiveness and camaraderie among employees. Many business owners have come to understand that high morale and pride in the workplace equals better productivity and a more enjoyable work environment.

Departmental separation: For larger businesses with multiple departments and segmented workforces (manufacturing, warehouses, hotels, hospitals), having multiple styles of industrial uniforms is a benefit from an employee identification standpoint. Uniforms can also be designed with specific job requirements in mind.


From an Employee's Perspective

An easy choice: When it comes time to dress for work, if you're required to wear industrial uniforms, the choice is simple. Similar to children who wear uniforms to school, you just dress and go.

Keep personal clothing clean: If you're working in an environment where your clothes are at risk of staining and soiling, wearing a uniform means you won't be trashing your own clothing.

Sense of responsibility: When wearing a uniform, employees inherently understand they're acting as an ambassador for the company they represent. They'll be more likely to conduct themselves in a way that reflects the company's values in customer service and professionalism.


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Are you looking for industrial uniforms that'll give your workforce and sense of unity and workplace pride? JET Uniform and Supply sells and rents uniforms and workwear for a wide range of industrial settings: oil and gas, food services, delivery drivers, mechanical repairs (coveralls), warehouse and institutional.