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Why Oil Country Turns to JET for Their Edmonton Uniforms

Drilling operators working on oil rig

JET carries uniforms that cater to a diverse range of industrial settings.

With a metropolitan population of more than one million inhabitants, Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city and the fifth-largest municipality in Canada. Known as the Gateway to the North, Edmonton serves as the staging point for large-scale oil sands projects in Northern Alberta, and for diamond mining projects beyond that in the Northwest Territories. Many of those operations turn to JET for their uniforms.

Yet, it’s not only the oil and gas field that benefits from the multitude of JET Uniform & Supply’s products and services. When it comes to industrial uniforms, JET covers a diverse cross-section of vocations. Here’s a list of some of the major ones:


Oil and Gas

As the bread and butter of Alberta’s economy, the oil sands projects represent big business. To keep it running efficiently, many companies rely on JET’s coverall sales and rental programs to keep their employees safe and properly attired in some of the toughest, dirtiest jobs on Earth. Combined with JET’s corporate tracking and industrial cleaning programs, you can be assured your employees are consistently outfitted with the right workwear for their job.

In addition to coveralls and overalls, JET also offers the following items as part of their Edmonton uniforms catalogue:

  • Durable coveralls
  • Work pants and shirts
  • Jackets
  • Vests
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Bib pants


Medical Services

With a trio of major hospitals—University of Alberta Hospital, Royal Alexandra Hospital and Alberta Hospital Edmonton—as well as doctor’s offices and other professional medical clinics and facilities across the city, there is an increasing demand for JET’s medical scrub services.

Plus, other professional industries are catching on to the convenience and comfort offered by these Edmonton uniforms, and are now using them as well:

  • Dental offices
  • Veterinarians
  • Retirement homes
  • Laboratories


Food Service

With a bustling bar and restaurant scene, JET’s Edmonton uniforms are sought after by many establishments to provide a sense of style and continuity among their staff. And because you can attire your entire team—from chefs to servers to busboys to managers—it couldn’t be more convenient. In addition to restaurant uniforms, JET offers a number of other useful services for the restaurant industry:

Linens: Table cloths and napkins, available in array of colours

Industrial laundry: For both linens and Edmonton uniforms

Cleaning products: JET carries an extensive range of strong, yet environmentally friendly, janitorial cleaners and supplies

Mop and floor mat programs: Keep your establishment clean and tidy with these practical programs



Edmonton International Airport is an immensely busy place, as oil and gas workers are continually shipped in and out for their shift work. It also means Edmonton’s airport hotels are constantly busy. Ensuring your staff is professionally attired will add an element of security and peace of mind for your guests. For an example of why this is so important, read Hotel Uniforms: Professionalism and Security for Staff and Guests.


Need a supplier who can handle all of your needs for your Edmonton uniforms? JET Uniform & Supply offers a full range of industrial uniforms, with value-added services such as industrial cleaning, custom embroidery and industrial mending.