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Combine Dry Mops and Wet Mops for Effective Floor Cleaning Power

Wet Mop Cleaning

Using dry mops to remove excess debris before wet mopping is an effective method for cleaning hard surfaces.

Dirt, dust and grime are a fact of life. They end up everywhere we go, catching a free ride on our shoes and clothing before being deposited in our homes, at work, and everywhere else we visit. That filth inevitably ends up on our floors, and it requires constant vigil with dry mops and wet mops to keep them clean.

When it comes to the workplace—whether you operate a retail outlet, a restaurant or a commercial building—there’s considerably more dirt and dust you have to contend with, especially if you’re in the public sector. It’s a good reason to consider a wet and dry mop rental service like the one offered by JET Uniform & Supply. But no matter what products you choose to clean your hard floor surfaces, you need the right technique to get the best results.


Dry Before Wet

One of the most common mistakes made by staff members is to simply grab a wet mop and start washing the floors. Whether they’re in a rush, couldn’t find the dry mop, or just don’t know any better, they’re creating more work for themselves than they realize.

If they had used a dry mop first, they would have removed a great deal of dust, litter and debris beforehand. This saves you from constantly having to change dirty mop bucket water, and it keeps your wet mop head free of annoying bits of gunk.

And before your employees start doing a freestyle mop ballet across the workroom floor, here are some basic techniques to ensure a quick and efficient process:

  • Start in a corner of the room and work back and forth, going end to end
  • The hockey adage, "Keep your stick on the ice" applies to dry mops too
  • Overlap your previous pass by a few inches to avoid missing anything
  • Shake out your dust mop in a garbage bag to collect as much debris as possible
  • Use a broom and dust pan to pick up any remaining dust


Wet Mops Work Wonders

Now that the dust mopping is taken care of, you can turn your attention to the wet mopping. This typically takes longer, but when done correctly, it provides a much deeper clean than dry mopping alone.

In a pinch, you can periodically use a dry mop to provide general cleaning and then follow up with a thorough wet mop at the end of the day, or as required.

Choosing an appropriate cleaning solution that’s strong enough to be effective, but won’t harm your flooring is an important first step. To learn more about JET’s array of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, read Do Your Part for the Environment with JET’s Eco-Friendly Janitorial Supplies.


Effective floor cleaning starts with quality equipment that’s kept clean and in good repair. Call or email the industry experts at JET Uniform and Supply to learn about their rental program for wet and dry mops. They also offer a commercial grade line of environmentally friendly cleaning products.