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5 Jobs Where the Colour of Uniforms Matters

Traffic control worker uniform

Brightly coloured uniforms are essential for road flaggers and other workers who need to be seen on the jobsite.

We see uniforms every day, and in pretty much every industry we come across. They can provide protection, a means of identification and, in other cases, they’re designed to provide ease of movement.

For certain jobs, the colour of a uniform plays an important role. The chosen colour’s purpose can vary greatly from industry to industry, but the intended outcome can have many benefits. Here are a few examples:


1. Industrial Sites

For many workers in industrial zones, being visible is paramount to job safety. With trucks and heavy machinery continually rolling by, and with equipment operators busily performing their duties, ground crews need to make sure they’re seen at all times.

That’s why many uniforms on these types of jobsite are brightly coloured with neon yellows and oranges, as well as reflective materials. They can be seen on different types of workwear:

  • High-visibility vests
  • Coveralls and overalls
  • Headwear


2. Customer Service

When it comes to Calgary uniforms, the branding opportunities are immense. Every time a potential customer sees your company’s logo embroidered somewhere on an employee’s uniform, it reinforces your brand image.

By combining the logo with the right colour of uniform, it can go a long way in establishing an impression in the mind of the consumer. It also helps:

  • Identify workers as individuals who are associated with the company and its products
  • Distinguish the company from the competition


3. Restaurants

If you’ve ever taken a peek into the back of a restaurant, you probably noticed the chefs were wearing white. With the potential stains from sauces and other culinary concoctions, you’d think white would be the last colour a chef would want to wear.

However, if you’ve ever spent any time in a commercial kitchen, you’d know they’re stifling hot. Being the pragmatic bunch that they are, chefs wear white because it’s the most reflective colour out there. A white chef’s coat helps repel heat while cooks leaning over the hot ovens. Darker colours would make them sweat that much more.

Plus, when it's laundry time, white cotton can be bleached, alleviating any concern over stained jackets.


4. Security

Whether they work at malls, hotels or elsewhere around Calgary, security guards take on a lot of risk and responsibility while performing their duties. Workwear that provides utility along with an air of authority can help them fulfill their tasks.

That’s why they tend to wear darker, more subdued colours that promote a sense of professionalism and power.

For more on the effect a uniform can have on security, read Hotel Uniforms: Professionalism and Security for staff and guests.


5. Flagging Crews

Similar to industrial workers, road crews need to be seen at all times. After all, they’re the ones standing out in traffic all day, instructing impatient drivers when and where to go, while also keeping an eye on nearby machinery.


Do you need new uniforms for your workforce? JET Uniform & Supply offers uniform sales and rentals for a wide range of industries. We also provide value-added services such as industrial laundry and mending, as well as custom embroidery.