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How to Choose Janitorial Supplies Dispensers for Correctional Facilities

Barbed wire fence correctional facility

Employee and inmate safety need to be considered when choosing janitorial supplies for a correctional institution.


In a regular institutional environment such as a hospital, the use of janitorial supplies is a relatively straightforward process. You determine the types of cleaners and supplies that you need, and your staff follows a set schedule to clean and disinfect the building. When outfitting a correctional facility with cleaning products, the process is a little trickier.

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where inmates will use anything they can think of to smuggle narcotics, tobacco and other contraband materials into a prison. They’ve also been known to transform seemingly harmless objects and substances into dangerous weapons.

While this might seem intriguing to moviegoers, these tactics are a legitimate concern to correctional facility workers. That’s why companies like JET Uniform & Supply have developed sophisticated janitorial cleaning supplies.


Controlled Dispensers

One of the best ways to improve harm reduction and reduce waste and contraband in prisons is to control inmate access to substances such as:

  • Bleach
  • Laundry soap
  • Other janitorial supplies


Of course, prisoners need to have some access to things like bleach and laundry soap in order to clean the facility, bedding and uniforms (they’re also the janitors, after all), but to hand them an entire bottle would be a mistake.

Instead, it’s better to supply them with only what they need. As the name suggests, controlled dispensers are designed to distribute a little bit at a time, providing just enough to do their job. This is important for something like bleach, which, used with ill intention, is a potentially harmful substance.

Laundry soap might seem like an innocuous substance, but if it isn’t stored in a controlled dispenser, an open box of it could easily be used to conceal weapons and other illegal items that could jeopardize inmate safety.


Tamper-Proof Containers

Criminals are a resourceful bunch. If there’s a way to exploit the containers your janitorial supplies are stored in, they’ll find it. Typically, they do this for one of two reasons:

  • To smuggle contraband items into a correctional facility
  • To hide these illegal items once they’ve entered the facility

By introducing secure, tamper-proof dispensers for things like body wash and laundry soap, it takes away one more place inmates can stash these banned materials.


An Added Bonus

While ensuring the safety of inmates and employees at a correctional facility is the primary concern, the advanced dispensers used for janitorial supplies also help managers at correctional facilities keep costs down. Most of them feature time-delayed disbursement, which helps prevent excessive waste.

Prisons using this technology will further cut costs by loading industrial cleaning supplies in a bulk dispensing system. This boosts staff productivity, as they’ll no longer have to track individual bottles.

If you’re wondering which janitorial supplies you should get, check out our post: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Janitorial Supplies for Your Business.



Implementing a janitorial supplies program for correctional facilities is a challenging process. At JET Uniform & Supply, we have extensive experience in this field, and our products are designed with safety and security in mind. Call us to learn more.­­