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3 Industries Where Uniforms Improve Workplace Safety


There are many industries that rely on specially designed uniforms to provide workers with personal protection.


Employees all across Canada are often required to wear uniforms to work. Sometimes it’s so that customers can identify them as being a member of the company, or to promote a business’s brand. Other times, workwear is required to provide safety.

There are many hazards that workers can encounter on a jobsite, and uniforms function in a variety of ways to prevent accidents from happening. Some of the risks people face every day include:

  • Falling or flying objects
  • Moving vehicles
  • Heavy machinery
  • Chemical spills and splashes
  • Open flame and high temperatures
  • Extreme cold
  • Electrical shock

To protect workers against these dangers, companies like JET Uniform & Supply offer a wide range of industrial workwear and personal protection equipment (PPE). Here are trio of industries that rely on our products to safeguard employees:


1. Restaurant Kitchens

If you’ve spent any time in a commercial kitchen during a peak service period, you know they’re both hectic and extremely hot. Chefs are constantly bustling around an array of heat-producing appliances:

  • Ovens
  • Grills
  • Deep fryers
  • Ranges 

To cope with the heat in such a busy environment, chefs often wear white uniforms (hence the term ‘chef’s whites’) because white is the best colour for reflecting heat. This keeps them as cool as possible.

Most chefs also wear aprons. Many people would assume this is to keep their attire clean, but it also serves another important role as a safeguard. They wear them so that if they’re splashed with hot oil or water, they can quickly pull the apron away from their bodies before the liquid reaches their skin.


2. Construction Sites

Visibility is a major concern for workers on jobsites where there are moving vehicles, or where they are required to be in the proximity of potentially dangerous machinery. This is where high-visibility vests and other reflective workwear become vital to workplace safety.

Drivers and other machine operators are far more likely to notice a worker dressed in a brightly coloured uniform in their vicinity than they are someone that’s dressed in dark, dull attire.

In fact, on a construction site, pretty much any PPE could be considered part of a uniform:

  • Hard hat
  • Safety gloves
  • Work boots
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection

To learn more about PPE and jobsite safety, read our post: 3 Ways to Get the Most of out Safety Supplies on the Worksite.


3. Correctional Facilities

Correctional uniforms are similar to high-vis vests, except they’re worn for a completely different reason. For prison guards, it’s essential for their safety to be able to distinguish inmates from other officers at a glance. That’s why inmates are made to wear brightly coloured uniforms.

In the event of an escape attempt, this coloured attire aids officers in spotting the fleeing prisoner. Should the inmate successfully reach the outside, it also makes it difficult for them to blend in as a regular civilian.


Do you operate a business where employees wear uniforms to provide workplace safety? JET Uniform & Supply sells and rents workwear for a wide array of industries. Call us to discuss your needs.