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Jet Sets Sail, Merges With Calgary Janitorial Textiles Firm

JET Uniform & Supply Merger with Executive Mat Brings Corporate Food Waste Services and More to Red Deer.

RED DEER, AB—When a fire gutted JET Uniform and Supply's Red Deer plant in 2008, the company was saved by Calgary counterpart Executive Mat, which allowed the janitorial supplies and uniform cleaning business to use their facilities at night. It was the beginning of a friendship that eventually led to an exciting new partnership. Effective June 15, JET Uniform and Supply will be known as Executive Mat Red Deer.

“We’re partnering with a company with a world-class recycling program and a diverse range of other services we can now bring to our customers in Red Deer and Central Alberta,” says Stephen Milaney, co-owner of the uniform-cleaning and cleaning supplies business now known as Executive Mat Red Deer, which will operate as a branch of Calgary-based Executive Mat.

Executive Mat is one of western Canada’s leading providers of environmental solutions, mat and linen services, and wholesale sanitation supplies.

“We’re excited about how this strategic partnership will elevate our footprint and presence in central Alberta and across the Prairies,” says Kim Caron, president, Executive Mat. Caron was recently featured in the news for fuelling Executive Mat’s boilers with compost pellets created from a system that turns Calgary corporate food waste into a burnable fuel source in 24 hours.

“We know our future is in how we manage our carbon footprint on earth today,” says Milaney. “We wanted to align ourselves with a company that’s forward-looking in that regard, and it’s just another reason why this merger made sense for us.”

JET Uniform & Supply has long serviced restaurants with clean chef coats and tablecloths, and Milaney says now they can also offer those customers the food waste composting service to divert landfill waste, save money and market their environmentally minded values.

“The world-class environmental technology, the chance to be a part of a larger organization with a larger reach across Canada—we’re excited about all of that,” says Milaney, adding Executive Mat Red Deer will also now give clients from across the province access to expanded offerings such as embroidery and mending services, which will be processed at the Red Deer location for all of Alberta.


About Executive Mat & Executive Mat Service Red Deer

Executive Mat has been providing the highest quality janitorial textiles and industrial supply since 1996. Based in Calgary and now with full sales and service offices across western Canada, Executive Mat is an industry leader in BC and Alberta. As Canada’s only ISO 140001 certified textile rental company, Executive Mat adheres to strict standards in monitoring and improving its environmental impact.


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