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3 Essential Office Areas Janitorial Supplies Keep Clean

Janitorial supplies for sanitary washrooms

With the proper janitorial supplies and a thorough cleaning program, you can avoid an unsightly office washroom.

A clean and tidy office workspace is essential in so many ways, and having the right janitorial supplies goes a long way in ensuring it stays that way. Whether you outsource cleaning to an outside company, or you do it by committee with office staff, it’s an important part of business.

While an overall state of cleanliness should the ultimate goal of any company, there are a number of areas within an office building where maintaining a clean, hygienic environment is critical.


1. The Kitchen

Maintaining a rigorous cleaning program for the office kitchen and lunchroom is vital. If you’ve ever looked inside a microwave oven that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned after several weeks, it isn’t a pretty sight. The same goes for communal fridges, where forgotten lunches can sit for months on the bottom shelf before someone actually notices.

This might seem like a minor annoyance to some, but an unclean kitchen can be a lot more serious than you realize. Allowing food particles to accumulate in fridges and on countertops and tables can lead to bacterial buildup that can cause employee sickness and lost productivity.

By investing in quality janitorial cleaning supplies, you’ll make the process efficient and manageable, while benefitting from the positive effects it has on the office environment:

  • Adherence to health and safety regulations
  • Improves workplace appearance and staff morale
  • Boosts productivity
  • More welcoming to visitors, staff and clients
  • Easier to maintain with a scheduled routine in place


2. The Front Entrance

The entrance to your building offers a significant first impression for visitors and would-be clients. Making that impression count is as easy as providing a clean, welcoming appearance.

Not only should you be using quality, eco-friendly janitorial supplies, you should also consider using a floor mat and mop rental program as part of your cleaning management program. This’ll ensure you always have a fresh supply of clean mops on hand, and with options for customized floor mats that include your company logo, it’ll give your lobby a professional look.


3. The Washroom

It goes without saying that a clean washroom is a necessity in any workplace. It’s not a job any employee would want to take on, so hiring a professional company is probably the best option for maintaining a high standard of cleanliness.

In addition to effective cleaning supplies, it’s also beneficial (and environmentally friendly) to use linen roll towel in place of paper towels in the washroom. Not only is it convenient to enroll in a supply program, linen performs better than paper.

For advice on which cleaning supplies you’ll need for your business, read: 4 Tips for Choosing the Best Janitorial Supplies for Your Business.


Does your company need effective janitorial supplies that are strong enough to handle the toughest cleaning jobs? JET Uniform & Supply stocks cleaning products that are safe for the environment but tough on dirt and grime. We also offer an array of convenient service programs, including dry and wet mop rentals, industrial laundry, shop rags and uniform sales and rentals.