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Why Workwear Cleaning is an Essential Practice in the Food Service Industry

Any chef who takes pride in the cuisine he or she prepares is just as likely to be excruciatingly picky when it comes to the cleanliness of their food preparation area. This unrelenting attention to sanitation also extends to workwear cleaning of kitchen staff uniforms.

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Why Oil Country Turns to JET for Their Edmonton Uniforms

With a metropolitan population of more than one million inhabitants, Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city and the fifth-largest municipality in Canada. Known as the Gateway to the North, Edmonton serves as the staging point for large-scale oil sands projects in Northern Alberta, and for diamond mining projects beyond that in the Northwest Territories. Many of those operations turn to JET for their uniforms.

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Why Industrial Uniforms Make Sense for Businesses and Their Employees

Whether you operate a small-scale delivery service with a few vehicles and a handful of employees, or a nationwide chain with an enormous fleet and workforce to match, the benefits of having them dress in industrial uniforms are undeniable. No matter whose perspective you look at it from—the employer's or employee's—it will have a positive impact on how you operate.

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