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Understanding Safety Supplies: Concerns About Latex Allergies

Latex work gloves provide an invaluable level of versatility and performance in both the medical and industrial sectors. Made of natural rubber, these safety supplies have a very high elasticity compared to other types of gloves, and they fit like a second skin.

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3 Industries Where Uniforms Improve Workplace Safety

Employees all across Canada are often required to wear uniforms to work. Sometimes it’s so that customers can identify them as being a member of the company, or to promote a business’s brand. Other times, workwear is required to provide safety.

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How the Design of Correctional Uniforms Keeps Prisons Safe

Correctional uniforms come in a remarkable array of patterns and colours. From the days when convicts were made to wear uniforms with black-and-white horizontal stripes to more modern one-piece jumpsuits in bright oranges and yellows, they all serve a very important purpose: safety.

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