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Understanding Safety Supplies: Chemical Protection for Your Hands

Personal protection equipment (PPE) and other safety supplies are often a last line of defense to protect the hands and skin of people who handle chemicals in the workplace. It would be great if this wasn’t necessary, but that’s not our reality. And that’s why PPE such as work gloves are a necessity.

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How to Choose Janitorial Supplies Dispensers for Correctional Facilities

In a regular institutional environment such as a hospital, the use of janitorial supplies is a relatively straightforward process. You determine the types of cleaners and supplies that you need, and your staff follows a set schedule to clean and disinfect the building. When outfitting a correctional facility with cleaning products, the process is a little trickier.

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Renting vs Buying Uniforms: Which is Right for Your Company?

Uniforms perform so many roles for companies and the workers who wear them. From protecting your workforce from jobsite hazards to promoting your company’s brand, they provide value in many ways. If you operate a business that requires company attire, you’ll likely be faced with a dilemma: do you rent or buy?

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