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Points to Consider when Choosing an Edmonton Uniforms Supplier

Providing industrial uniforms for your Edmonton workforce is one thing. Cleaning, maintaining and organizing that workwear is an entirely different matter altogether. If you’re dissatisfied with your current supplier of Edmonton uniforms, or your company has grown to the point where you need to implement a program, there are many options to consider.

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Workwear Cleaning and the Science of Sweat

When it comes to workwear cleaning services, most people assume the main purpose is to remove stains and dirt accumulated on their uniforms from the work environment. And to a large extent, that’s true. Workers across all types of industry end up with muck, grime and grease marks as a result of their everyday activities.

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Combine Dry Mops and Wet Mops for Effective Floor Cleaning Power

Dirt, dust and grime are a fact of life. They end up everywhere we go, catching a free ride on our shoes and clothing before being deposited in our homes, at work and everywhere else we visit. That filth inevitably ends up on our floors, and it requires constant vigil with dry mops and wet mops to keep them clean.

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