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Alberta Restaurants Have One Stop for Uniforms and More

Alberta restaurant uniforms can match the decor and linen

Central Alberta restaurants can color match table linens to uniforms and other decor to present a professional, beautiful setting.

(Photo by Charles Thompson/sxc)

The restaurant uniforms worn by your employees make a statement about your business. From your chefs to your bus boys and your servers, clean, professional uniforms make an impression on your customers.

Uniforms are but one small part of the items that contribute to your image. Restaurants require a lot of supplies to keep things looking and running smoothly.

JET Uniform and Supply recognizes the importance in providing our Alberta restaurant customers with as complete of offerings as possible in order to minimize the amount of time they have to spend worrying about the behind the scenes supplies for running a restaurant.

Below are 7 areas where JET serves restaurant clients to make the owners’ and managers’ jobs as easy as possible.

  1. Uniforms - Alberta restaurants can select from many options for servers, bus boys, and chef wear. This can include aprons, chef coats, pants, shirts, and / or caps.

  2. Linens - Table cloths, napkins, and other flatware items can be color ordered to match the decor of your restaurant. We have many standard colors to choose from that meet nearly every color need.

  3. Laundry - When your uniforms need cleaning, our industrial laundering service ensures they always look their best. We make the process streamlined for Red Deer restaurants. Pick up and drop off takes the hassle out of laundering and ensures all of your uniforms and linens look professional.

  4. Cleansers - Uniforms aren’t the only thing that get dirty in a restaurant. We have high quality cleaners for degreasing, polishing, and disinfecting all of the areas of your restaurant. We work with Rochester-Midland products, who are the pioneers of green cleaning chemicals. Clients can order their cleaning supplies directly from us.

  5. Paper goods - Paper towels, bathroom tissue, and other environmentally-friendly paper products can not only be ordered, but our route service staff will refill the dispensers in your washrooms and or kitchen areas.

  6. Mops, brooms, rags, floor mats - We’ll pick ‘em up dirty and replace them with clean ones. It is as simple as that.

  7. Embroidery and mending - Because of our history in the laundering and mending business, we have the machines to do high quality embroidery for business logos and mending services for ripped or torn uniforms.

Using JET means your Central Alberta restaurant has one stop for all of these necessary services which make your restaurant a professional, clean, and environmentally-friendly place to be.