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Coverall Corporate Program Reduces Hassle and Hazards

JET's Corporate Coverall Program helps businesses fit their employees with the proper uniforms

The Corporate Coverall Program is perfect for some of the toughest jobs in Alberta reduces hazards and hassle so employees can focus on what they do best.

(Photo by Geri-Jean Blanchard/sxc)

Are you a hard worker? Alberta businesses, particularly in the oil and gas industry, understand the meaning of hard work. We serve some of the toughest jobs on earth by outfitting employees with coveralls and workwear that has to endure harsh conditions.

Flame resistance is an important factor in selecting coveralls or workwear (see our article titled Flame Resistant Workwear: The Naked Truth). But flame resistance isn’t the only safety consideration for coveralls and workwear.

JET’s Corporate Coverall Program is designed to keep hard working employees outfitted and safe.

Here’s how we do it:

Choose Quality Products

Our extensive catalogue covers products from Carhartt, Dickies, Walls, and Big Bill. The first step is to select the coveralls or other workwear products your employees need at the level of flame resistance required for the job.

Add Safety PPE

Do your employees need personal protective equipment to conduct their jobs safely? If so, you can select the options that your employees can choose from. We mark these items in your corporate program file.

Determine Laundering Needs

Our sales team will help you determine the laundering needs for your business. Industrial laundering using our quality, environmentally-friendly process keeps employee coveralls and workwear clean.  BUT... where extra value in terms of safety is really added is in the mending services that we provide.

Fix The Rips

The jobs your employees do are tough and tears, rips, and loose seams are likely to happen frequently. JET’s industrial mending will ensure that when coveralls are laundered, repairs are made where needed. Ripped coveralls can get caught in machinery and are areas that are open to flames, chemical spills or sparks, endangering employees. Reduce the hazards of ripped coveralls by including mending in your program.

Sit Back and Enjoy

Once you have set up your Corporate Program, we handle the execution. When you have a new employee, they work directly with us to become outfitted in the coveralls, PPE and other uniform selections you have on file with us. If embroidery is needed, we handle that too. We even have uniform rentals if you would like to try us out. Corporate clients find the process cost-effective and easy to manage. No hassle.

We’re sure other companies are jealous of our tracking system, which is state of the art, to ensure that from the time they leave your business to the time they return clean and mended, your employee coveralls and uniforms are trackable. We’re quite proud of our virtually zero loss rate for uniforms and coveralls. Contact your JET rep today to learn how your tough job can be made easier.