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Personal Protective Equipment - Hard Hats Save Lives

The following is a true story about a friend’s brother... as Johnnie looked around the worksite, he realized he had a safety problem. He was a welder, and the place he needed to make a weld was 35 feet off the ground, with nowhere to safely tie off. After considering the options, he decided to make the weld and take the chance that he wouldn’t need the added safety protection of the tie off.

Hard hats save lives
(Photo by rubberdragon/Flickr)

He climbed out 25 feet of rafter to the place he needed to work. He secured his welding mask, got his tools ready, but before he could complete the job, he misplaced his foot, lost his balance and fell—35 feet to the ground. Head first.

Johnnie was knocked unconscious. He suffered a severe concussion and some damage to his brain. BUT... the doctor said were it not for his hard hat, Johnnie would have cracked his head wide open.

Hard hats save lives.

Personal protection equipment (PPE), like hard hats, are just one of the many vital pieces of safety equipment that keep construction workers and other laborers safe every day. Approximately 25% of construction site accidents are falls and 22% are workers being struck by something. When workers are not wearing safety equipment, serious and fatal injury from these accidents is exponentially increased.

A hard hat works to protect the head in a few different ways.

  • The rigid outer shell resists and deflects blows to the head.
  • A suspension system built into the inside of the hat acts as a shock absorber (as it did for Johnnie) to protect the head from impact.
  • Some hard hats serve as an insulator against electrical shock.
  • A hard hat will shield the scalp, face, neck, and shoulders against splashes, spills, and drips from hazardous materials.

Employers provide PPE when employees may be exposed to health or safety risks during the performance of their jobs. PPE should not be a decision taken lightly by employers. This is not the place to look for the cheapest product that can be found.

Quality safety equipment not only saves lives, but also ends up reducing costs for the employer. In Johnnie’s case, he actually purchased a higher quality hard hat than the one provided by his employer. He recognized the importance of this valuable piece of personal protective equipment and, as such, his actions saved his life.

Employees shouldn’t have to make that decision. JET Uniform and Supply’s corporate clients set up a PPE and Safety Supply program to outfit their employes perfectly to do their job safely. Our team establishes the safety supplies needed  in the various jobs at your company.

When you have a new hire or an employee needs to be re-outfitted, you can send them to us and we will provide them will all the necessary (and pre-approved by you) equipment to ensure the employee is ready to do his or her job.

This not only better manages your costs, it reduces the need for you to keep large quantities of inventory on hand.  JET has a proven track record of outfitting workers in Northern Alberta in the oil & gas industry as well as construction, mechanical and other industries. Based in Red Deer, JET is conveniently located between the hubs of Calgary and Edmonton and can completely manage the process so that employees will be uniformed and safety compliant.

Thanks to his quality hard hat, more than 20 years following his accident, Johnnie still works in the construction industry.