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Points to Consider when Choosing an Edmonton Uniforms Supplier

Edmonton uniform cleaning for workers

A workwear cleaning program will ensure your hard-working employees have constant access to clean, professional looking industrial uniforms.

Providing industrial uniforms for your Edmonton workforce is one thing. Cleaning, maintaining and organizing that workwear is an entirely different matter altogether. If you’re dissatisfied with your current supplier of Edmonton uniforms, or your company has grown to the point where you need to implement a program, there are many options to consider.

While there are dozens of uniform suppliers in the metropolitan area, not all of them will offer a comprehensive range of support services. Choosing the right uniform vendor for your particular needs will take one more thing off your plate and help your business run smoother.


Wet or Dry Cleaning?

It’s fairly standard for Edmonton uniforms suppliers to offer workwear cleaning programs as part of the package. But it’s important to do your research into their laundry process, and whether they use wet or dry cleaning methods.

Wet cleaning, the preferred method of JET Uniform and Supply, is not only environmentally friendly, it’s also effective at removing stubborn grease and sweat stains from coverall and all other types of industrial workwear. Dry cleaning chemicals, on the other hand, are less effective against sweat and they’re also known to contain level 2A carcinogens (cancer-causing agents).


Supplementary Uniform Services and More

Having clean uniforms is great, but what happens when an employees snags his sleeve on a sharp object and tears the fabric? Does your uniform supplier offer in-house industrial mending as part of the package?

If you’re in an industry where uniforms are likely to be damaged, a mending service is something need. Other services you might want to ask about include:

  • Custom embroidery to add an element of professionalism to your team
  • Shop rag program to keep a tidy workplace
  • Janitorial supplies and mop rentals for everyday cleaning
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to meet workplace safety requirements

For more on the benefits of industrial mending, read JET Uniform Mending is a Good Fit for Your Company.


Quality Products

Industrial uniforms need to withstand the daily use and abuse of the people wearing them, while also adhering to specific workplace safety requirements. Make sure the uniform provider you’re working with uses the best brands and materials available to ensure your uniforms last.


Rental and Purchasing Options

Different companies operate on different budgets, and having the option of renting or buying your industrial uniforms is important in terms of capital investment. Companies with the ability to purchase their workwear upfront will see a return on investment later on, while firms that opt for a rental program won’t have to tie up a considerable amount of money.


Uniform Tracking

Knowing how many uniforms you have out in the field is the last thing you want to keep track of, but it’s important. Having a dedicated uniform supplier with the logistics to handle that for you can save you time and money.


When it comes to comprehensive industrial uniform programs, JET Uniform & Supply’s range of services make us a one-stop shop. We offer the option of buying or renting Edmonton uniforms, with additional value-added services such as industrial mending and custom embroidery.