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Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning - It Matters to the Environment

JET Uniform and Supply uses wet cleaning products to that are environmentally responsible

Wet cleaning products for industrial garments dissipate and biodegrade better through waste water treatment plants than dry cleaning chemicals

In the city of Red Deer, more than 35,000 m3 of waste water makes the trip from the homes and businesses to the Red Deer Waste Water Treatment Plant every day.

At JET Uniform and Supply, we take great care to do our part to ensure that the water used in our services—such as industrial laundry—leaves our facility is as environmentally responsible as we can make it. One of the ways we do this is by employing a responsible industrial cleaning procedure: wet cleaning.

Wet cleaning, or water-based cleaning processes, are recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as an ideal way to clean industrial garments. It is the preferred method over dry cleaning, which uses harmful and carcinogenic chemicals in the cleaning process. The main chemical used in dry cleaning is perchloroethylene (PCE or PERC). PERC was synthesized in 1821 as a solvent to use on stains, but it was not until 1962 that PERC became the solvent of choice for dry cleaners in North America with 90% of dry cleaning businesses using PERC in their cleaning process. Unfortunately, at that time, the damaging effects of PERC were not well-known. (Read more on (PDF))

We now know that PERC can enter the body and remain there, stored in fat tissue. It is either breathed in or enters through contaminated food or water. Neurological damage, as well as liver and kidney problems are reported from short-term exposure. Longer term exposure can result in spontaneous abortions and leukemia.
(Source: US Environmental Protection Act)

The Red Deer Waste Water Treatment Plant does its part to cleanse the water that runs through it, but should we even take the chance that any harmful solvent chemicals make its way into the environment? At JET Uniform & Supply, we say, “No!”

We employ a wet cleaning process that does not use PERC or any of the dry cleaning chemicals. The cleaning products we use dissipate and biodegrade quickly. We have great respect for human health, but our industrial laundry process is not just better for everyone, it also cleans better. The coveralls and workwear, restaurant items, and uniforms that come into our shop are coming from some of the hardest working people around. We take pride in making them clean, fresh, and healthy for the businesses we serve.