Correctional Facility Products & Services

Correctional Facilities

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Correctional Facilities

Correctional Facility Products & Services

Dozens or maybe even hundreds of guards and inmates are under your roof, and it’s your job to protect them around the clock while juggling tighter budgets and fewer resources. That’s where we come in.

JET Uniform & Supply has been providing industrial cleaning and janitorial supply services to western Canada’s correctional institutions for more than 12 years. Over the course of that time, we’ve come to understand the unique needs and demands of these facilities. That’s why we’ve been able to develop a full line of laundry and cleaning supplies services as well as patent-pending liquid dispensing systems designed with safety and savings in mind.


JET’S correctional facility solutions 

Consultation & Planning

JET works with your institutional supply and services department and your health care and harm reduction team to create custom solutions for your cleaning supplies, laundry services and liquid dispensing systems. Whatever your layout, needs and budget, we’ll come up with a plan that’s right for your correctional facility.


Janitorial Supplies

We offer one-stop shopping for eco-friendly and effective cleaning supplies as well as mops, rags, paper products, garbage bags and floor cleaners.


Secure Shampoo & Soap Dispensing Systems

Reduce waste and improve safety with our unique tamper-proof shampoo and soap dispensers, set up in common areas or shower blocks for inmates who press a button and then wait for the customized time delay to dispense the soap or shampoo. No tracking bottles, no waste, no worries about containers hiding weapons or narcotics.


Secure Laundry Soap Dispensing Systems

Protect inmates, guards and appliances with a secure laundry detergent dispensing system. Soap is encased in a locked stainless steel box that dispenses small amounts of liquid detergent after pressing a button and then waiting a set amount of time.


Secure Bleach Dispensing Systems

Prevent infections and protect everyone on the floor by giving inmates access only to limited amounts of industrial grade bleach. Just like our other patent-pending liquid dispensing systems, the bleach system uses a secure container and button-to-time-delay system to ensure safety and waste reduction.


Why choose a secure JET liquid dispensing system?


Contact your JET representative to learn more about JET’s safe and cost-effective correctional facility products and cleaning supplies services.

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JET Uniform Supply Ltd. has been providing the area rugs for our entrance for many years now. Their customer service representatives have been very easy to deal with and the level of service has always been exceptional. We have been very pleased with their company and are now looking to se JET Uniform Supply Ltd. for our janitorial supplies.

Brad W. Romans
Ing & McKee Insurance Ltd.