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Coveralls & Workwear


JET Uniform and Supply offers a wide variety of industrial workwear and coveralls for sale or as part of a uniform rental program.

For many industries, the key to employee safety is in the protective clothing you provide. Prevent injuries and improve employee health by selecting the right work wear from our prominent national brands such as Big Bill, Walls, Dickies, and Carhartt.

Our extensive catalogue includes:

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) American Society Testing Materials (ASTM)

When your clothes need to be as tough as your job, our experienced team will help you make the choices that keep your employees safe.

Flame Resistant Fabrics - Overalls, Coveralls, and Outwear

Our protective clothing choices includes some of the highest-rated flame-resistant products in the industry. The unpredictable nature of industrial fires make them all the more dangerous.  We understand this and are proud to carry overall and outwear flame-resistant clothing in 3 different fabric choices:

Westex Ultra Soft and Indura

Westex UltraSoft® and Indura® brand fabrics have stood up under the harshest test conditions and, more importantly, in the field. Combining this high level of protection with Westex proprietary fabric softening process and double-shrunk technology, it’s easy to understand why thousands of end users globally have specified Westex fabrics.

DuPont Nomex

DuPont™ Nomex® fiber is a first choice for workers who rely on its inherently flame resistant properties to help keep them safe from the everyday hazards they face. DuPont’s Thermo-Man® testing lab puts garments made of Nomex® fiber through a rigorous series of fire scenarios that simulate real-life situations — making it one of the most advanced thermal burn injury evaluation devices in the world.


Banwear fabrics are premium flame resistant cotton fabrics treated with a permanent flame retardant that does not wash out for the life of the garment. Companies in petroleum and chemical industries rely on Banwear ITEX fabric to protect from flames and heat-related stress.

Our Added-Value

Our staff can not only help you make the right industrial clothing choices that match the safety needs of the jobs at hand, we can reduce the costs and simplify the process of bringing a new employee on board.

Through our Corporate Program, we will keep a record of the items that new employees in the various job roles at your company need. This is in order to minimize or eliminate your inventory investment in coveralls and PPE safety supplies. When you have a new hire, simply send them to our office. We will outfit them in their sizes with the selections you have already made. This saves a bundle off of retail pricing, is easy to administer for your human resource team, and ensures that your employees are consistently outfitted in the proper equipment, uniform, and work clothing for their job.

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Our Company Ewan Burnett Enterprises Ltd., has been dealing with JET Uniform & Supply (formerly QuatroTec Industrial Services Ltd) for more that a year now, they have proven to be very efficient, accommodating and friendly. Vina McCagherty helped designed our company logo and record time had our coverall order ready. We know our Company…

Jackie Burnett
Ewan Burnett Enterprises Ltd.