Coverall Management

Coverall Management

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Coverall Management

Every day, your company sends workers out into the field in coveralls designed to keep them safe, and the coveralls come back stained with grease and sweat, sometimes torn, or not at all. Managing the whereabouts and cleanliness of 300 or 3,000 pairs of coveralls isn’t exactly your shop foreman’s favourite task. Fortunately, it’s our specialty.

Now, in addition to superior coverall cleaning services, JET offers a complete coverall management system to issue, collect, clean, mend and track your entire team’s coveralls.

With a custom coverall management system from the industrial laundry experts preferred by hundreds of Alberta oil and gas companies, you can lighten the load of your parts person as well as save time and money.


Why choose JET to manage your coveralls?


Cut costs. Footing the bill for hundreds of overalls to be issued and cleaned every adds up. With an effective tracking system, you’ll minimize the number of coveralls you have to reissue because unlike the other guys, JET won’t lose them.

Keep your staff happy. Leave collecting, cleaning and tracking your team’s coveralls to the experts so your foreman or parts person can get back to doing what they do best.

Improve health and safety. Your workers won’t have to wait to go out into the field in coveralls that are clean and in good condition. Plus, we use an effective, solvent-free wet-cleaning process that’s better for your team and the environment.


Coverall management throughout the heart of Alberta

Our industrial laundry facility is conveniently located in Red Deer, Alberta, but we offer our coverall management services anywhere within a three-hour radius of us, including oil and gas companies in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Whitecourt, Strathmore, Calgary, Lloydminister, Leduc and Edmonton.


How JET’s coverall cleaning and management system works

  1. We work with you to design a custom coverall management system that works best for your operations.
  2. Choose to purchase and issue overalls on your own, or reduce costs even further by supplying workers with purchased or rented coveralls from our full line of safe and durable coveralls from the industry’s most trusted brands.
  3. Each pair of overalls is given a tag that includes the size, service date and the worker’s name.
  4. You can drop off or we can collect your team’s coveralls and bring them to our industrial laundry facility. Every pair under our roof receives a six-digit code and it’s transferred from solvent-free coverall cleaning to mending by human hands that maintain strict quality control and tracking standards.
  5. A spreadsheet we share with you keeps track of each workers’ overalls so at the click of a mouse or a phone call, you always know where every pair is.
  6. The overalls are dropped off at your door or in your locker room so workers always have access to clean, protective coveralls that are their own. 


Contact your JET representative so you can learn more about improving productivity, safety and spending for your company.   

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What Customers Say

JET (formerly QuatroTec) supplies Trican with coverall cleaning pick-up and mending and also our in-house janitor supplies (paper towel, soap, etc). I have been very happy with both services and they are always willing to help with any problems that may occur.

Jeremy Holt
Trican Well Service